How to Care for a Miniature Rose Bush How to Care for a Miniature Rose Bush

A miniature rose bush is actually quite simple to grow, no matter if you choose to do it indoors or outdoors. Miniature rose bushes are a beautiful addition to your property, and they require practically no maintenance. Read on to learn about care for indoor and outdoor miniature rose bushes.


Before moving your miniature roses inside, consider the fact that they can reach up to 4 feet high and will need a lot of light, so be sure that you have the space next to a large window in your house. If stems seem to expand and leave wide gaps between the leaves, that is a good indication that your bush is struggling for light. Additional care includes maintaining moist soil and bathing your plant by misting the top and undersides of the leaves on a weekly basis.


Make sure you plant your miniature rose bush in a very sunny area that is not shaded by trees or buildings. You can plant outdoor bushes in a hanging basket, a pot or directly into the ground. Most importantly, don't let the soil dry out, especially during the fist three weeks of your plant being in the ground. After the first three weeks, check the soil daily to ensure that it is moist. Follow this basic care for beautiful miniature rose bushes.

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