How to Care for a Steering Wheel Spinner Knob How to Care for a Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

A very popular item for a retro look during custom car restoration is a steering wheel spinner knob. While these knobs are illegal in many states, they are still used on show pieces and classic vehicles. Keeping the period look for a particular type of car means looking at all of the details such as the steering wheel spinner knob. There are many different types of spinner knobs for steering wheels on the market today. Here is some information to take care of them so they look new for many years.

Give a Good Polish

There are many great polishes on the market today that can give any type of material a high gloss shine without making is slippery to the touch. Polish the steering wheel spinner knob each time you wash the car or clean out the interior. Always use the appropriate polish and not just water or window cleaner.

Fill in Cracks

For older, more authentic looking steering wheel spinner knobs you will want to keep worn areas and cracks filled with some epoxy or other type of filler. Removing the spinner knob from the steering wheel is an important step when filling in any cracks. By doing this you will be able to do a much better job and keep any filler from your upholstery.

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