How to Care for a Tree Peony How to Care for a Tree Peony

A tree peony varies slightly from the peony bush. The main difference is the bushes aversion to being transplanted. You can transplant a tree peony without it significantly affecting the blooms on the tree. There are quite a few tips involved for proper care of a tree peony. They are not difficult but the tree will not bloom properly if it is not happy with the care it receives.

Watering and Drainage

It is important to maintain a good watering habit with your peony trees. The area must be very well drained and no water should sit on the roots. This can cause root rot in severe cases. When the plant is first planted it needs to be watered regularly until the root system forms. Once the tree is established then watering two or three times per month is sufficient.


A good fertilizer is needed when the tree is planted as well as about two times per year. A good organic compost will be sufficient or you can add a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen. Too much nitrogen will make the tree branches limp and start to turn light green.


Mulching your tree in the winter is needed if the temperature reaches below thirty two degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time or if the ground tends to freeze. Fertilizing and mulching are great ways to supplement soil nutrients.

Potted Varieties

Peony trees can be potted but do tend to have problems with the roots after a couple of seasons. You can use a root control bag which acts to naturally mend off too much root growth without hurting the plant.

Sun Requirement

Peony trees require at least 6 hours of good sun per day. They can survive in partial shade and indirect sunlight provided all of the other conditions are right. Do not plant the peony tree to close to other trees or large rooted plants the peony like a lot of nutrients and you will risk the two plants fighting for them. One plant will lose, once you see that there might be a problem move the tree to a spot further from the tree. Any peony trees should be planted at least four feet from each other.


Peony trees bloom best with a period of dormancy in the winter. The tree needs to be between 32 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit for proper blooming in the next season. They will survive best in temperatures of 13 to 83 degree Fahrenheit but of course, still allowing for that period of dormancy.

There are many pointers on how to care for your peony tree. The basic care is the same as the flowering variety however the tree does allow you to transplant it if needed without harming the blooming pattern. A tree that is at least 3 years old should produce blooms for well over one hundred years when properly cared for. Keep all of the above tips in mind when caring for your peony tree and it could last for many generations.

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