How to Care for Pine Paneling

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What You'll Need
Wood putty
Putty knife
Wood sealant
Paint brush
Lemon oil
Rag or sponge
Wood cleaner

Pine paneling can provide a warm, rustic feel to most any home. The ease and economy of pine make it a great choice for paneling as long as it is properly cared for.

Step 1 - Wood Putty

Due to the soft nature of pine wood, it can gouge and scratch very easily. Match the color of the pine with an appropriate wood putty to fill in any places where the wood has been marked or broken. Allow the putty to dry and sand smooth.

Step 2 - Sealant

Sealing the pine paneling is very important due to the soft, porous nature of pine lumber. Moisture and other spills will need to be kept away from penetrating into the wood and creating permanent damage. For a shiny finish, standard wood sealant should be applied with a paint brush as the manufacturer recommends. For a more natural finish, 100% lemon oil can seal the material if applied liberally.

Step 3 - Cleaners

Due to the light nature of pine, it can appear dirty earlier than other woods. Wipe down the pine with a wood cleaner and a damp sponge once a week.