How to Care for Wedding Flowers and Corsages How to Care for Wedding Flowers and Corsages

Wedding flowers are a vital part of any bride's day, but to get the best from flowers they need to be looked after consistently throughout the day.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers can arrive the day before the wedding, or on the day itself. Once they are delivered, trim the stems: put the flowers in a bowl of water, and cut an inch or two off of the ends with scissors. Remove leaves that will be underwater when placed in a vase, and then place wedding flowers in water, and spray blooms lightly with water. If possible, the wedding flowers can be placed in a refrigerator overnight. Keep wedding flowers away from bright sunlight, heaters, cookers, TVs and any source of heat that will cause the blooms to wilt.

Wedding Corsages

Once the corsages containing wedding flowers arrive at the house (usually the day before the wedding), spray the stems with a light coating of water, and place them flat in a refrigerator. It's best to keep them away from any food, or you can seal them in plastic bags with the air squeezed out.

On the big day, take the corsages out of the refrigerator, but keep them in the plastic bags until the last moment. After the ceremony, you can preserve corsages by hanging them upside down to dry in a warm, dry area.

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