How to Care for Your Electric Leaf Blower

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
A battery charger (if it runs on batteries)
Clean rags or cloths
Warm water
Mild liquid soap
Hooks for hanging
Work gloves
All-purpose household cleaning spray
Empty pray Bottle

An electric leaf blower can be a lifesaver if you are trying to keep your outdoor areas free from debris. While an electric leaf blower does save you time from bending over to pick up what Mother Nature has left behind, they often need some form of maintenance to ensure they will be up to the task.

Blower Tasks

If you have or plan on purchasing an electric leaf blower you can use it to blow leaves, grass, loose dirt, deadheads, dust and more from patios, pool areas, and drive-ways. An electric blower can be purchased at home improvement, garden, and hardware stores. There are various, makes, sizes, weights, and amps depending on what type you are looking for.

Be sure you check with your homeowners association to see if using an electric leaf blower in your neighborhood is allowed. While most gas leaf blowers have been banned, there are some communities that do not allow homeowners to use electric leaf blowers either. For instance, landscapers may be the only people who can use such a tool in your neighborhood.

Should you choose to use an electric leaf blower at home, here is how to keep your electric leaf blower running well and in good shape so it can be used regularly without any trouble.

Step 1 - Turn Off Blower

Be sure the electric leaf blower is completely switched off and unplugged from any outlet even if it is in charging mode in a battery charger.

Step 2 - Clean Out Old Debris

person using a leaf blower

Make sure the bag or container that holds the debris, leaves and other items has been cleaned out and properly discarded. Then, replace the bag or container. You can rinse the bag or container, as well in warm water if it is made from fabric or plastic.

Step 3 - Mix Cleaning Solution

Mix a small amount of liquid soap detergent and warm water into the spray bottle and shake vigorously until the ingredients have mixed.

Step 4 - Clean the Exterior

Spray a clean cloth with the solution and wipe down the exterior of the electric leaf blower, staying clear of the motor and other sharp features. Dry the same areas when finished. You can also use an all-purpose store bought household cleaner if you prefer.

Step 5 - Recharge for Future Use

Recharge the electric blower if it is battery operated fully for at least 24 hours before you begin using the blower again.

Step 6 - Keep Properly Stored

person using a leaf blower

It is best to store your electric leaf blower either on a sturdy hook where it can hang freely without getting in the way of other home tools like in the garage. Hang a sturdy hook from a wall or work station that is far from kids, pets and anyone else who might get hurt if they come in contact with the machine.

Step 7 - More Maintenance

If you discover the electric leaf blower is not working properly or there seems to be something wrong internally or with the motor, it is best to have a professional look at it. Alternatively, you can call the manufacturer to see if it has a repair center or service area in your neighborhood where you can drop it off to be repaired correctly.