How to Care for Your Metal Gutters

Metal gutters are an often overlooked part of your home, but an important one. A gutter that works properly can be prevent serious potential problems like a cracked foundation and leaking basement, as well as other less-costly damage. Regular maintenance is the key to gutters that work as they should to prevent these problems.

Clogged Gutters
You can prevent clogged gutters and overflow by using a gutter cleanser system. Scoop out the build-up of leaves and sediment by hand, or use a pressure-washer attachment that can blast out anything blocking up your gutters. Check them at least twice a year, but seasonally is better. Prevent this from happening by using leaf strainers or a gutter guard to keep leaves and debris out, but still check your metal gutters a couple times a year for build-up that can get through the guards.

When you check gutters, look for corrosion, holes and other problems. You can patch these with a piece of guttering sealed on the inside of your existing gutter, but if they're too extensive you may need to replace an entire section. Make sure the gutter is still firmly attached to the fascia and that the wood is still in good solid condition. Keeping an eye on these things can help you catch small problems before they become big ones and keep your metal gutters in shape.