How To Care For Your Topiary Garden

A topiary garden is created by growing hardy plants like evergreens, holly and boxwoods over a shaped frame. Caring for outdoor topiaries is simple to do and only requires minimal effort. However, to get the best results you will need to know what the specific topiary plants in your garden require.



The first consideration that you need to make when caring for your topiary garden is where to plant different varieties of topiary plants. For example, some evergreens like plachysandra, can actually die if they receive too much sun. Ivy, on the other hand, does better in full sun or partial shade.


Watering Your Topiary

In order to get your topiary plants to thrive you need to make sure that they get the right amount of water. Evergreen topiary plants generally require only minimal watering, while the more delicate plants will require more moisture. You can enhance the moisture retention capabilities of your soil by planting moss at the base of your topiary plants.


Pruning Your Topiary

Pruning is the biggest chore you will need deal with when caring for a topiary garden. You will want to prune your topiaries to the correct shape once or twice a year. As you prune your topiary plants they will fill in your topiary frames and they will begin to take on their final shape.