How to Carefully Feed Your Sundew How to Carefully Feed Your Sundew

Among carnivorous plants, the sundew is considered the best for domestic purposes. Sundew (Drosera capensis) is a semi-active and a strong insectivorous plant with sticky tentacles. This plant attracts prey (insects) by its red color and smell. As soon as the insect lands on the leaf, the tentacles wrap the insects, and within hours, the prey is digested. The remains can be seen on the leaf.

What Does a Sundew Feed On?

Mosquitoes are considered to be the favorite food of this plant. The sundew also eats aphids and other soft shelled insects. In addition to dead or live insects, very tiny bits of cooked meat, cheese, and egg can be placed on the plant’s leaves.


How To Feed The Plant?

Manually feeding a sundew is an important part of plant care. Place the pot of sundew near to an area where there are small fruit flies and other flying insects. This will act as a good feeding ground for the plant. If the supply of insects is plentiful in the surroundings of the plant, then one can reduce the food given to the sundew via manual feeding.


Precautions While Feeding

The plant eats its prey within one or two days. Avoid giving big insects or large number of bugs as feed because this may damage the plant’s leaves. Take care not to feed the plant with raw meat as it may kill the plant.

The plant consumes the live prey only when it comes in direct contact with the leaf, otherwise it self-pollinates. The use of 20-20-20 1/4 fertilizing solution every month is advisable for maintaining the growth of the plant.


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