How to Carve Garden Rocks

What You'll Need
Rock of choice (limestone is usually best)
Safety glasses

Carving garden rocks is something that has been done for many years. It adds elegance, and taste to your outside setting, and allows you to do what you want with the rocks themselves. Carving garden rocks is not a project to take lightly. It can be done with the right tools, and some simple directions. If you possess the following tools, and read below the steps on how to do it, you will be sure to end up with a project that you will be very proud of in the end.

Step 1 - Pick Your Piece

Take time to pick out a stone or rock that you want to use in your landscaping project. There are many different materials to choose from, and choosing just the right one is important.

Limestone is one of the best materials you can use. It carves nicely, and isn't very tough to get detail into. You will also want to look at rocks that you may be able to pick out some abstract design as well. These rocks tend to help get your creative juices flowing.

Step 2 - Decide where to Work

Some rocks are so large, that it is almost impossible to move them to a specific working area. Do not fret however, because you can easily work on your stone in the very place that they rest now. Once they have been completely carved, chances are they will be easier to move to your choice location.

If you have a smaller rock you will be working on, you can move it to a bench, or any other working location you wish to be at.

Step 3 - Decide the Scene

Now you will have to decide, if you have already not done so, on what you would like your rock to look like in the end. Maybe you are going for a face, a certain flower, or maybe an abstract design. No matter the scene you want to create, you should always draw it out on paper first. Take your paper, and pencil, as well as your eraser, and start sketching what's in your head onto paper.

Chances are you will refer back to the sketch several times within your carving time. Make sure that it is close to what you want, so you understand each detail that will need to go into the carving.

Step 4 - Start Carving

Now that you're idea is on paper, you can start carving out your rock. Take your chisel, and start a rough draft on your rock. You will want to hold your chisel at a slant, and slightly tap it with your mallet. Depending on the rock, you may have to put a bit of force in your tapping to chisel the stone out completely.

Step 5 - Using the Rasp

After  you have carefully chiseled your scene into your rock, you can use your rasp to smooth out all the lines form the chisel. Take out your rasp, and use one way strokes to clean and smooth out the lines. This will make it look phenomenal.