How to Catch a Scorpion in Your House

Having a scorpion in your house can be frightening. They will most often be in the drains so they can get water, and in undisturbed areas such as the attic and basement. Here are several tips to catch a scorpion in your house.

Near the Sinks, Tubs and Drains

Place pieces of duct tape sticky side up under the countertops near the sink pipes in the bathroom and kitchen.

On the Ceiling

Wrap a long piece of duct tape around the handle of a broom with the sticky tape side facing out. Poke the scorpion with the broom so it falls onto the duct tape. Put a glass jar over the broom handle to cover the scorpion, then tip the jar right side up and put the lid on tightly. Free the scorpion outside, far from the house or kill it with spray an insecticide like Raid (TM) inside the jar.

Natural Predators

Cats that hunt mice will also hunt scorpions. Other natural predators are bats, chickens, geese, roadrunners and elf owls.

Flush Scorpions Out of Hiding

Pull away baseboards and outlet covers, and sprinkle boric acid into all these openings. If your attic is their favorite haven, have it professionally fumigated and leave the house for the weekend.