How to Catch Speckled Trout How to Catch Speckled Trout

What You'll Need
Ultra-light spinning rig
Live shrimp
Live croakers
Live finger mullet
Artificial minnow bait
Artificial split-tail beetle bait
Number 5 and 6 kale hooks
10 pound test line

Speckled trout are difficult fish to catch and a popular fish of choice among fisherman.

Step One - Choosing a Location and Time

Fish for speckled trout early in the morning or at twilight in shallow areas. 

Step Two - Choosing Your Bait

Use croakers or finger mullet for bait on a ten pound line connected to ultra-light spinning rig. Live shrimp also makes great bait.

Step Three - Finding the Best Fishing Spots

When you have reached your location, look for areas where you see terns or gulls near the water. These birds track speckled trout.

Step Four  - Drift Fishing

For drift fishing over oyster beds, sand flats or rocky bottoms, use artificial minnow or split-tail beetle as bait. Start fishing at the surface and work your way closer to the bottom.

Step Five - Bottom fishing 

If you are bottom fishing use live shrimp or croakers as bait. Hook a number 5 or number 6 kale hook through the lips of the bait. Do not use a weight, allowing the bait swim freely.

Step Four - Fishing in Cold Weather

Fish in areas with deeper water during winter. Speckled trout are more drowsy in cold, deep water.

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