How to Caulk a Faucet Escutcheon

What You'll Need

If you are installing a faucet escutcheon, then one of the basic things that you need to know is how to apply caulk to the surface. It is especially important to caulk this area properly, as water may get between the faucet escutcheon and the bathroom wall, leading to mold and rot which can be very hard to remove. Caulking the faucet escutcheon correctly is a vital task.

Step 1 - Apply your Caulk

Once you are ready to install the escutcheon, you can begin by applying some caulk to a trowel. Smooth the trowel along the edges of the faucet escutcheon, making sure that you cover the entire edge. Press the plate to the wall.

Step 2 - Seal the Plate

Holding the faucet escutcheon plate against the wall, screw it tightly into position. You should see caulk being pressed out from behind the plate. Add another layer of caulk, very thinly, against the edges of the plate. Ensure that you have covered the entire surface of the wall.

Step 3 - Add A Second Layer

Leave the first layer to dry for 24 hours, and then return and apply a second layer.

Step 4 - Mistakes

The biggest mistake you can make is to not properly seal the plate against the wall. It is not enough to apply caulk to the back of the plate, you need another layer over the top, once it is screwed into place.