How to Caulk Between Ceramic Counter Tiles

What You'll Need
Grout caulk
Caulk gun
Utility knife

Ceramic counter tile in your kitchen or bathroom is both beautiful and functional. However, one of the issues with ceramic is the joints in between the tiles. Without proper care, food can get down in between the tiles and stain the grout. If you want to keep your countertop looking good, consider adding caulk between the tile. This will also help you protect the area from liquid seeping down in between the tiles. Follow the simple steps below to effectively to caulk between ceramic counter tiles.

Step 1 - Choosing the Right Caulk

To begin, choose either regular caulk or grout caulk. If you want to just seal up the area, you can use a regular caulk. With grout caulk, you can match the tile or the grout that is already there. Grout caulk is usually a little more expensive, but it can create a nicer, more professional look. You will apply both types of caulk in the same manner, so it is basically a matter of personal preference. 

Step 2 - Prepare the Caulk

Next, prepare for application. The caulk tube will have a plastic tip on the end that you need to cut off with a utility knife or scissors. When you cut the tip, make sure that you do not cut off too much, or else you might apply too much caulk for the joints.

Once you cut off the tip of the plastic, you will need to use a nail or some other sharp objects to break the seal down through the tip. Then, place the caulk tube in a caulk gun. Press the release lever on the back of the caulk gun so that it will release the push plate. 

Step 3 - Applying the Caulk

When the caulk is prepared, you can apply it to the joints. Squeeze on the handle of the caulk gun, using a smooth and straight motion to stay in between the grout joints. Make sure to get around the outside edges of the tile where it meets the wall. This will keep moisture from going down in behind the counter and causing problems.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Put some water on your fingertip and wipe down the beads of caulk. This will smooth them out and create a finished look. Allow the caulk to dry before using the countertop surface again.