How to Change a Ball Joint in a Car

What You'll Need
Car jack or lift ramps
Allan Key or Hex Driver
Ball joint removal tool

Every driver should know how to change a ball joint. Ball joints are the pivot between the wheels. They help in the suspension of the car. Changing them is a pretty easy and straightforward task to accomplish. Consider the following:

Step 1 - Lift Car

Elevate your car. Either use a pair of car ramps and drive the car up on the ramps (remember to block the wheels with something so the car does not accidentally move off from the ramps) or put two jacks underneath the car and jack the car up in the air.

Step 2 - Remove the Caliper on the Brakes

Using an Allan key, remove the calipers on the brakes. In order to get to the calipers you will need to remove the clamps on the brake hose first. Push the caliper to the side by using a tie.

Step 3 - Remove the Brake Discs

Pull off the brake discs using a little force. They sometimes are difficult to pull off and may need a gentle tap or a little extra elbow grease.

Step 4 - Remove Ball Joint Nuts

Remove the ball joint nuts carefully. You may need to cut them off if there is any signs of corrosion. Use bolt cutters to cut them off. You will need to purchase new ball joint nuts to replace the old with the new.

Step 5 - Separate Ball Joint from Hub Carrier

Using force, you need to move the ball joint from the hub carrier. In addition to muscle, you will need to use a pair of cutting scissors to assist this separation.

Step 6 - Remove Ball Joint

Open the car door and turn the steering wheel completely to the lock position. Your wheels should be locked at this point. This will move the hub carrier to a location that is not in conflict of where you are working. Now, fit the ball joint removal tool inside by the hub carrier. If you are not sure what a ball joint looks like, consult your car's user manual. The ball joint will be covered by a dust cover. Remove it.

Put together your ball joint removal tool and grease it really well. Make sure the threads have plenty of grease on them. Remove the ball joints by grabbing a hold of the bolts and turning them tightly.

Step 7 - Grease New Ball Joint

Add plenty of grease to your new ball joint. Throw your new ball joints in the freezer for at least twenty-four hours before use. It does the trick to help get the grease to adhere to your ball joints before you place them in.

Step 8 - Add New Ball Joint In

Carefully add your new ball joint in place. Tighten the lower ball joint completely. Put the brake caliper back and tighten.

Step 9 - Take Car Down

Remove the car from the car ramps or from the jacks. Start your engine and test out.