How to Change a Bathroom Vent How to Change a Bathroom Vent

What You'll Need
New fan motor
Shop vac

The bathroom vent keeps the bathroom free from all bad odors and humidity. They help in removing excess moisture and helps in controlling the mildew.  These vents work by just removing the air from the bathrooms and throwing it outside through the window, where it can be vented safely. Though, it can malfunction at times, allowing bad smells to build up in the house. Thus, replacing these bathroom vents is not a difficult process. Make sure to wear a mask, in case of any sensitivity to any kind of allergies or dust.

    Step 1: Power on

    The first basic step is to turn the power off for the vent at the main circuit box.

    Step 2: Loosen up

    Loosen up the vent grill with the help of a step ladder, to reach the vent. Some of the vents might require the screws to be removed which holds up the vent grill. Make sure the vent is hold up, while removing the screws. Once removed, it will fall onto the hand; put it down by removing it from the mounting box.

    Step 3: Locate

    Locate the model number of the vent motor. Then with the help of a shop vac, clean out all the dust from the vent. Make sure that the vent is clean and free from all the dirt. Then locate the model number of the vent and find a replacement motor for it. Usually the back of the motor consists of the model name and number, so that would be the best place to locate it.

    Step 4: Blower off

    The next step which needs to be performed is to pull the blower off the pipe. On most of the older models, the blower would be secured by a screw, while the modern ones, the only thing required doing is to pull them off.

    Step 5: Unplugging

    Then just unplug the motor from the electrical socket right inside the vent and remove the motor from the housing. Get hold of a screwdriver to remove the motor, if required.

    Step 6: Installation

    The next step to perform is the installation of the new motor. Secure it in its right place with the screws, depending on what kind of fan model it is. Then just plug in the motor into the vent outlet and attach the blower back.

    Step 7: Power on

    Lastly, switch on the power to the circuit box and turn on the vent switch to check if the vent is working properly or no.

    There you go with the replacement of the bathroom vent. This shows that the job of changing the bathroom vent is not at all hard, and takes less than ten minutes or so to complete the whole process of replacing the bathroom vent. These bathroom vents usually consists of a motor as well as frame, where the wiring is done leading to a power source. Thus, follow all the steps mentioned above, in order to keep the bathroom fresh and clean and walls dry.

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