How to Change a Carpet Cutter Blade

When the blade on your carpet cutter gets dull, you can simply take it out and install a sharp replacement blade. Follow the simple steps below to effectively change the blade on your carpet cutter. You can find a replacement blade at any home improvement store; when you buy your carpet cutter, it may be easiest to pick up a few spares made by the same manufacturer.

Step 1 - Take Out Existing Blade

The first part of the process involves taking out the existing blade. If your carpet cutter is designed to allow you to fold the blade out like a pocket knife, it may have a lever that holds down on the top corner of the blade so that it stays in place. With this type of design, you need to push down on a lever on the top to release the tension on the blade so that you can remove it. Alternatively, you may have to pull the handle apart and then take out the blade.

Step 2 - Replace the Blade

Then you can put the new blade in its place. Press it into the opening and then allow the lever to press down on it.