How to Change a Jigsaw Blade

A jigsaw is one of the most indispensable tools in your toolbox, but you will need to learn how to change the jigsaw blade. Over time the jigsaw blade can wear down and make cutting much more difficult. A jigsaw makes it possible to cut intricate designs, but if the blade is blunt this can mean that the cut isn't smooth or high quality.

Changing the Blade

Over time the jigsaw blade will wear down and lose its ability to cut through various materials. Sometimes the blade might even snap off. Replacing the blade on your jigsaw will depend on the brand and model of machine that you are using.

New models often have a blade release button which you can press to remove the old blade. Older designs use a small screw to clamp the blade in place. It's important to be careful when removing a broken blade, as the end could be very sharp.

Fitting the New Blade

New blades can be purchased from most home improvement stores. Make sure that you're buying the right blades for your jigsaw.

The method of fitting new blades will depend on the model of jigsaw that you are using. You will either need to slide the blade in until it locks, or tighten a screw to keep it in place.