How to Change a Keyhole Saw Blade

What You'll Need
Keyhole Saw
Flat Head Screw Driver
New Blade

If you need a small hole cut into soft wood, drywall or plastic then you would use a keyhole saw. When you find that you are no longer getting the great effect from your keyhole saw that you used to, then it is time to change the blade. Just like the blade on a razor, keyhole saw blades get blunt after several uses.

Step 1 – Dismantle the Saw

Lay the saw on its side. Then unscrew the screw using a flat head screw driver and remove the loose half of the handle.

Step 2 – Out with the Old

Before removing the old blade, look at how it is positioned and then carefully remove it. It might be too blunt for cutting drywall, but you could still cut your finger, so use caution.

Step 3 – In with the New

Carefully place in the new blade. Remember this blade is sharper than the one you just removed and needs to be positioned in the exactly same way.

Step 4 – Screw on the Handle

Lay the part of the handle that you initially removed back on the saw, and screw the screws back in using the screw driver. Make sure the screws are firmly in place, because you do not want the keyhole saw blade coming loose.