How to Change an Earth Auger Bit

What You'll Need
Stable Work Surface
Allen Wrench
New Auger Bit

With the use of an earth auger bit a homeowner can easily drill into the soil for a variety of different uses. For the most part, an earth auger is used for tilling a garden after it has been planted to keep the soil turned and nutrient rich, and for the task of digging post holes. The earth auger bit is much like a drill bit, but with wider span between the blades. There are two different types of earth augers that consumers can choose from: a hand-held version or one that is towable for large amounts of work. To change this type of bit you will be able to follow the same procedure as with a drill no matter which type you have.

Step 1: Set Auger on Stand and Remove Spark Plug

The first portion of this guide will be to change the auger bit on the handheld type of auger. This auger is heavy so it will need to be placed on a stable stand before working with it. Set the auger on a strong work surface with the bit supported also. Use a wrench and remove the spark plug so that it does not start accidentally.

Step 2: Clean off Bit Housing

Using some compressed air, or a rag, you should take a few minutes to clean off the debris around the housing area of the bit. This will ensure that no dirt gets into the housing when you replace the bit. This will cause the earth auger bit to sit crooked in the housing. The auger will be harder to handle if the bit is not situated correctly.

Step 3: Turn Hex Bolt

Depending on the type of auger you have, there can be different setups. Determine if there is a protruding hex bolt, an inset screw with an allen head, or a chuck like on a drill. Use the correct type of tool to loosen the auger bit housing. 

Step 4: Insert New Bit

Once the housing is loose, or the chuck is loosened, then carefully remove the auger bit. Blow out the housing and make sure there is no debris. Slide in the new earth auger bit until it stops and make sure it sits straight. Tighten the chuck, or the hex bolt, onto the new bit. 

Step 5: Disconnect Spark Plug Wire

On the towable type of earth auger you should disconnect the spark plug wire for protection from accidental starts. Raise the working end of the auger and place a stand under it to keep it elevated. 

Step 6: Remove Auger Bit

Towable earth augers have a quick disconnect system with hitchpins to make adjusting, or changing bits, easier. Disconnect the earth auger bit with the hitchpins and carefully lower it out of the housing. 

Step 7: Reinstall New Bit

Insert the new earth auger bit into the housing and make sure it is straight. Reconnect the hitchpin to secure the bit.

Step 8: Start Auger

To make sure that the bit does not wobble, on either the handheld, or towable, auger replace the spark plug wire and start the auger. Let is run and engage the bit. Watch to see if it is wobbling before you use it for digging holes.