How to Change an Engine Mount

A car with the hood up exposing the engine.
  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-125
What You'll Need
Pry bar
Compound for thread locking

Due to the wear and tear of your vehicle, at some point it may become necessary to change the engine mount. The number of engine mounts varies from vehicle to vehicle. Follow the steps below to successfully replace a faulty engine mount.

Step 1 – Accessibility

Make sure to park the car in a place where you have enough room. The point is to pick a spot that is comfortable and safe for you to work.

Step 2 – Mount

The engine mount can get affected by the wear and tear involved in running the car. Examine your engine and spot the mounts that need to be replaced.

Step 3 – Components

Look at the mount, as well as the other components. Generally, the bolts that hold the mount also get affected. You will have to remove them to start the installation.

Step 4 – Battery

Before taking the mounts and components out it is now time to turn your attention to the battery. The black wire, or the negative cable, has to be disconnected from the battery.

Step 5 - Raising the Vehicle

For better access you need to raise the vehicle. Use the jack to lift the vehicle up and place the jack stands to support the vehicle.

Step 6 – Use a screwdriver

With the help of the screw driver, unscrew any component that will hinder the installation of the mount.

Step 7 – Store Safely

The unscrewed components have to be put away systematically. This will make the re-installation process easier and less confusing.

Step 8 – Supporting the Engine

While replacing the mount, it is possible to put pressure on the other parts of mounts. This extra pressure could damage certain parts. Thus, it is advisable to support the engine with a jack. The jack has to be placed close to the mounts support point.

Step 9 – Removing the Bolts

Find out the best way to remove all the bolts on the mount you wish to replace. Some bolts are easily removed from underneath. Depending on the way the mount is assembled, at times a screwdriver will not be helpful. You will have to use a wrench.

Step 10 – Detaching the Mount

Once the bolts are out it makes the mount removal easy. Take the mount out of the frame and the engine block.

Step 11 – Replacing the Engine Mount

Apply a layer of thread locking compound to all the bolts. Now install the new mount. Screw back all the bolts. Align mount unit with the body frame and the engine block with the pry bar.

Step 12 – Final step

Remove the jack support and get the vehicle back to the ground level. Connect the black wire to the battery.

You have successfully changed the engine mount on your vehicle. You can now take your vehicle out for a test drive.