How to Change an Output Shaft Seal How to Change an Output Shaft Seal

What You'll Need
Jack Stands
Socket Wrench
Nut Driver with Square Bits
Pry Bar

Changing the output shaft seal is a project that a do-it-yourself mechanic can do at home, with the right hand tools. Here are some of the steps involved.

Step 1: Jack Car Up

Jack the car up and place it on jack stands. All 4 wheels should be set on jack stands, as the car needs to be level in order to change the output shaft seal.

Step 2: Drain Transfer Case Fluid

Once the car is lifted in the air, drain out the transfer case fluid. Place a bucket under the drain plug, and use a square bit to remove the drain plug.

Step 3: Remove Drive Shaft

Use the socket set, and loosen the bolts on the drive shaft. Remove it from the output shaft of the transfer case.

Step 4: Remove Output Flange

After the driveshaft has been removed, you will see the output flange. Remove the 1 nut that holds it in place, and remove it from the transfer case.

Step 5: Remove and Change Output Shaft Seal

The output shaft seal is located in the housing around the output shaft. Remove this with a pry bar or a seal puller. Make sure not to scratch the shaft. Install the new seal and replace the flange and drive shaft. Fill with new transfer case fluid and lower the vehicle.

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