How to Change Antifreeze

What You'll Need
Flush mixture
Ionized water

It’s very simple to change antifreeze in your vehicle. Before you begin, make sure you have a large empty bucket under the radiator and that the engine is cool.

Step 1 - Drain

Open the antifreeze reservoir cap. Place the bucket under the radiator and put on a pair of gloves. This prevents the antifreeze coming in contact with your skin. Locate the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator. Open it, and allow all the antifreeze to drain into the bucket. Once you’ve done that, put the old antifreeze into sealed containers and dispose of them responsibly.

Step 2 - Flush

Close the drain plug. Fill the radiator with flush mixture and ionized water. Run the engine until it’s warm, then switch off and drain the radiator. Fill with cold water, run again and drain again.

Step 3 - Fill

To finish the job, you need to change antifreeze. Make sure the new antifreeze is mixed properly; it might need to be diluted with ionized water. Make sure the drain plug is closed and pour antifreeze into the reservoir, filling to the correct level indicated. Check again after driving for a few days and top up if necessary.