How to Change Bandsaw Blades How to Change Bandsaw Blades

What You'll Need
Heavy Gloves
Safety Glasses
Quick Ties

It is no surprise that people are willing to save money by changing their own bandsaw blades. Here is what you need to know, while performing this task:

Step One - Getting Prepared

Before you attempt to change your bandsaw blades, be sure that you are wearing heavy work gloves to protect your hands from getting cut. You will also need to wear safety glasses, just in case any objects fly out of place while changing the blade. Once you have your gear on, you are ready to start.

Step Two - Preparing To Change Blade

Be sure to unplug the bandsaw and then lay it on its side. You may then remove the screws which hold the wheel cover. Next, you must locate the guides, which are two sets of rollers near the top of the case. Remove the bottom guides.

Step Three - Removing The Blade

After this, turn the tension wheel at the top of the case and release the blade tension. This can be done by pushing the lever forward. Last, you will remove the old bandsaw blade by pulling it out from around the two wheels. You are now ready to place the new blade in its place.

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