How to Change Bits in Your Electric Screwdriver

What You'll Need
Electric Screwdriver
Screwdriver bits

An electric screwdriver is a multipurpose tool that has earned a place in every handyman's toolbox thanks to its versatility. By changing out the bits you can easily go from one task to anther. Here's how.

Step 1 - Take Appropriate Precautions

Make sure that the screwdriver is not connected to any electric supply source, which may cause an electric shock. While unplugging the power cord, hold the plug not the power cord. Keep these precautions in mind and start changing screwdriver’s bit.

Step 2 - Choose the Appropriate Bit

First of all choose the exact size and type of bit which is needed for your desired task. Most DIYers keep an assortment of bits on hand.

Step 3 - Locate the Chuck Key, Chuck Cap and Clamp Gear

Now find the chuck key, allocate the clamp gear and the chuck cap. You must use the chuck key for breaking the screwdriver’s hold, on the current bit. You can find the chuck key near the plug attached to the power cord. It resembles a gear and it is a piece of metal having a thin handle and a round grooved head. Clamp gear is a set of grooves found on the front of the handle of electric screwdriver, which are much similar to that of chuck keys. The series of holes that in front of the gear-like grooves are known as the chuck cap.

Step 4 - Insert Chuck Key into Chuck Cap

Now connect the tip of chuck key with one of the hole of the chuck cap by insert it into the chuck cap. Make sure that the grooves on the clamp gear and on the chuck key are fit together.

Step 5 - Open the Bit Slot

Now rotate the chuck key in counter-clockwise direction. For better grip use the handle of the chuck key. The bit-slot will open with the force of the turning chuck key. You may need to exert extra force if the existing bit in the bit-slot is tightening down. When you break the hold, it will become easier to open the screwdriver’s tip by rotating the chuck with your hand.

Step 6 - Remove Existing Bit and Insert New Bit

After loosing the screwdriver’s tip, remove the bit currently present in bit-slot and open the chuck up to that much extent where you can easily fit the new drill bit. To open it wide, keep rotating the chunk. Now insert new bit and keep the chuck tight to hold the bit in place. Again the chuck key will be use to tighten down the screwdriver’s hold on the new bit. For this purpose rotate the chuck key in clockwise direction. These are the steps required to change the bit of an electric screwdriver.