How to Change Brick Siding Color

How to change brick siding color is a very easy question to answer for a homeowner desiring a change in the exterior color of their home. There are a few options and your choice will depend upon the outcome you desire.

Paint For Dramatic Change

The obvious way to change the color is to paint it. It is advised to prime brick first with a good oil based primer as brick is porous and will soak up a lot of paint. The primer will seal it and enable the final coat to lay on easily. Keep in mind that, once painted it is difficult to return to the original brick surface without sandblasting the bricks.

Stain For Opaque and Slight Changes

You can use cement or masonry stain on your bricks. The stain is easily applied with a stiff paint brush or a sprayer to cover a larger area quickly. With a sprayer it is also possible to lay on a heavier coat of stain as this may be necessary if the bricks are very porous. You will want to test your stain color on an inconspicuous spot to see how the stain will look. Remember that the stain will blend with the existing brick color and may create a third color unlike the color on the color chart.