How to Change Bulbs In Halogen Floor Lamps

What You'll Need
New halogen bulb
Small screwdriver
Protective gloves

Halogen floor lamps have bulbs that need a few considerations when it comes time to replace them. While they have a relatively longer life span than some other types, halogen bulbs differ from traditional light bulbs. A few precautionary measures are needed to ensure the continued use of your floor lamp.

Step 1: Disconnect the Lamp

Unplug the cord from the wall outlet and allow plenty of time for the lamp and bulb to completely cool off. Halogen bulbs give off much brighter light than older-style incandescent bulbs. Due to this, they can get very hot and retain heat even after turned off. You want to avoid burns from this. Oils from bare hands can also cause burn marks on the surfaces of halogen bulbs, and in some cases can even create a fire hazard.  

Step 2: Remove the Old Bulb

Cloth gloves will work for removing a halogen light bulb; do not touch it with your bare hands. Oil from your hands will burn on the bulb's surface and could potentially be a fire hazard. If you have no gloves, a handkerchief, old T-shirt, or even a paper towel will work. Remove the glass cover over the halogen bulb by unscrewing the small screws that hold it in place. Put the glass aside in a safe place, and you may want to store the screws in a small plastic bag to keep any of them from getting lost. Other types of halogen bulbs have a twist-and-lock mechanism similar to the long tubes found in fluorescent ceiling lights, and some others have a holder that is spring-loaded. In this case, note the direction of exactly how you remove it by pressing one end against the holder. This will help you lock the new halogen bulb in place correctly.  

Push down gently on the halogen bulb itself, unscrew it counterclockwise, and carefully lift it out. Some smaller bulbs are secured with pins at their bases; in this case, carefully push them in until the bulb can be pulled out. Be sure these pins do not fall out of the lamp. Look for the ANSI code printed on the bulb; you will need a replacement bulb with this exact same series of letters. Your replacement will also need to have the same wattage as the old one. It is a good idea to write down the ANSI code, along with the bulb size, type, and wattage. Keep this information in a safe place for future reference.

Step 3: Install the New Bulb

You will still want to wear your protective cloth gloves while replacing the halogen floor lamp bulb. Double check that the ANSI codes match on both the new and old bulbs (keep your receipt for the new one, just in case). It is advised to keep a couple of extra halogen bulbs on hand as well. Screw in the replacement bulb clockwise until it is firmly in place. Replace the glass cover over the top and screw it in place. Plug your floor lamp back into the wall, and test your new bulb to be sure it works.