How to Change Drill Press Speeds

A drill.
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  • Beginner
What You'll Need

Drill presses are used for woodwork and the speed requirement will differ with each project. Knowing how to change the speed of the press is an essential part of woodworking. The following steps will teach you how to adjust the press speed.

Step 1 - Open the Lid

First, unplug the press and locate the lid on top of the drill press with a knob on it. Lift the lid to access the motor.

Step 2 - Loosen the Locking Bolt

Loosen the locking bolt to change the speed of the drill press. To do so, turn the bolt counterclockwise for two to three whole turns.

Step 3 - Move Motor and Motor Pulley

Bring the motor and pulleys closer together by slowly pushing them side by side. They will need to be close to the spindle bit.

Step 4 - Choose Your Speed Setting

You can now review the chart and pick the spindle speed you will require for your project.

Step 5 - Put Belt on the Right Pulley Set

Once you know which pulley set you wish to use, slide the belt to the correct set you will be using.

Step 6 - Slide Motor Back and Tighten Locking Bolt

You can now move the motor back into the original position and tighten the locking bolt. Close the lid and plug it back into the power source.