How to Change Emergency Brake Cables

Over time, you may need to replace your emergency brake cables. Emergency brake cables can wear and leak. To replace them is not a difficult job, but it does require some patience. Make sure you have a couple of hours before starting work.

Tools and Materials

  • Breaker bar and socket
  • Jack
  • Various screwdrivers
  • Various pliers
  • Emergency brake cables

Step 1 – Remove Rear and Front Tire

Loosen lugs on the rear and front tires, while the vehicle is on the ground. Jack the vehicle up, take off lugs, and remove tires.

Step 2 – Remove Brake Components

Remove the brake components, with the various screwdrivers and pliers. Set them aside, and remember how they came off.

Step 3 – Remove Old Cable

Start removing the cable from the rear wheel. If needed, you can cut the cable to make it easier. There will be clamps and ties that require pliers.

Step 4 – The New Cable

Beginning at the front wheel, install the new emergency brake cable. Run the cable through the various clamps, and end at the rear wheel. Attach the emergency brake cables to the brake components as you put them back on.

Extra Tip

Clean the brake shoe while the brake components are off for replacing the emergency brake cables.