How to Change Out a Car Map Light Bulb How to Change Out a Car Map Light Bulb

What You'll Need
New car map lightbulb
Flat-head screwdriver

The car map light is a very useful dome light in the front of the vehicle that will enable the front seat passengers see maps, directions or small items at night. When this light bulb does not work, you will need to replace it with a new bulb. Follow the simple steps below to complete this easy job.

Step 1: Remove Light Bulb Cover

Depending on the model of vehicle that you own, you may need to take a first step before removing the light bulb cover. The bezel of the light may be on top of the cover and need to be removed. Use a screwdriver to pry it away from the cover. If your vehicle only has a cover, you will be able to locate the screws on each side. With a flat-head screwdriver, remove the screws, holding the cover in place. 

Step 2: Remove Bulb

The car map light bulb is held in place with a small prongs. To remove, you will only need to pull the bulb straight out. 

Step 3: Replace Bulb

Set the new light bulb in place and press into the socket. Replace the cover, and tighten the screws if there are any. Snap the bezel into place, if necessary, and start the car to see if the new map light works. 

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