How to Change Planer Blades on a Thickness Planer

What You'll Need
Clean rag

Changing the planer blades  on a thickness planer is not a difficult task at all. Here are the tools that you will need, along with a few steps that can help to guide you through the process with ease.

Step 1 - Remove Blade

Begin by unplugging the planer and removing the blade. Do this by loosening the screws that are holding the blade in and then pulling them out carefully so that you do not hurt yourself.

Step 2 - Clean Tool

Use a clean rag and wet it with water. Wipe down the planer so that there is not dust or debris left on it at all. This will help your tool to last much longer as you care for it properly.

Step 3 - Replace Blade

Once the tool has been cleaned you can put a new blade back in. Adjust it so that it is up high enough, but not too high that it might break off. Typically you will need to use your own judgment when it comes to fitting the blade. You can nip them in while you decide the right fit before you actually tighten. Then, secure the screws so that the blade is held in tightly.