How to Change the Color of a Glass Block

While clear glass block brings sparkling sunlight into your living space, you can enhance this glass block effect by changing its color. Several simple ways to add color to your glass block installation are discussed below.


Translucent Paint

Paint the reverse side of some blocks in a pattern, or all of the blocks, with a single color or multiple colors of translucent glass paint. Light passing through the blocks creates a delightful color display.


Replace with Colored or Etched Glass

Glass block installations framed in aluminum allow you to remove and change blocks quickly and easily. Replace clear glass blocks with colored glass or even etched glass with a colored design to add unique texture and visual appeal to your glass block wall insert. The aluminum frame grid itself comes in different colors to complement your room's color scheme.


Dichronic Glass Blocks or Mirror-Faced Glass

Dichronic glass blocks have their interiors subtly faceted like prisms. When you view the blocks from different angles, they refract light differently and exhibit different colors. Add mirrored glass blocks to the rim of your wall insert to make your room appear larger.

Give your creativity rein by adding etched, dichronic, colored, painted or mirrored glass blocks to your wall.