How to Change the Color of Stained Concrete

What You'll Need
Power wash
Heavy-grade pad wash
A mop
A plastic garden sprayer (acid resistant paintbrush or roller)
Paint thinner
Concrete primer
Concrete sealant
Concrete stain in desired color
Protective gloves

Stained concrete can be used both in indoor and outdoor concrete flooring. However, if you make certain changes in your home or outdoors, you may find that the color of the stained concrete does not match the rest of your new decor. You may change the color of the stained concrete following some easy steps. For this process, there is no need to tear the concrete and pour it again. You only need some materials you can get from your local hardware store. 

Step 1 – Clean the Concrete Surface

Prepare the surface. Clean thoroughly the entire area, using the power wash and the heavy-grade pad wash. It is important that the entire surface dries completely before you go on to the next step. If the surface is indoors, you can open the windows and even use a fan to help with the drying. If the surface you need to process is outside, choose a day when you do not expect rain.

Step 2 – Apply Paint Thinner

When the surface dried out, start applying paint thinner, which will weaken the original color of the stained concrete, and make it easier to change the color. You may use a mop to cover the entire area with paint thinner. If you prefer using a rag instead of the mop, you should wear protective gloves. Paint thinner is a strong substance, and can cause serious burns if it comes into contact with skin or your eyes while rubbing the floors. Wipe the surface thoroughly, generously applying the paint thinner. Allow the surface to dry completely before you proceed.

Step 3 – Apply Primer

Spread concrete primer on the entire concrete surface. The concrete primer prepares the surface for the new staining. As you apply the concrete primer, you may observe that the color of the concrete gets darker, but it will lighten up as the concrete primer dries. Let the surface dry completely.

Step 4 – Spray Concrete Stain Solution

Put the concrete stain solution in a plastic garden sprayer, and spread it evenly on the entire surface. You can use an acid resistant paintbrush or roller for this procedure, but spraying the concrete stain makes it easier to distribute the substance evenly. Paintbrushes are helpful for touch ups.  It is recommended that you use a smaller amount of concrete stain at the beginning. This way you can evaluate the results better. You can always add some more if you intend to obtain a different hue. Use a high quality concrete stain solution, to make sure you obtain the color you want. Let the concrete dry.

Step 5 – Apply Sealant

When the surface is dry, apply concrete sealant in the same manner as you did with the concrete stain, using a sprayer, a paintbrush or a roller. The concrete sealant protects the area, and makes the color last longer.