How to Change the Front Panel on a Trash Compactor

What You'll Need
Philips screwdriver
Flat-blade screwdriver
Replacement panel

A trash compactor is one of the many useful appliances to have at home. Aside from minimizing the the amount of garbage in your place, it also reduces your number of trips outside to the garbage cans. As long as the entire unit is in perfect working condition, replacing the front panel is easy, whether because it is broken or because you are remodeling the room. You can even order a custom replacement part in any color, texture or design. Follow the easy steps below to successfully chane front panel of your trash compactor.

Step 1 - Turn off the Power and Wear Safety Equipment

Wear your work gloves for any project like this. Goggles are handy, but likely not necessary. To ensure that no electrical shock occurs, make sure that the electrical cord is unplugged from the power source before working on this project. 

Step 2 - Remove the Old Panel

With a screwdriver, unfasten the unit from the kitchen counter. Pull it out for easy access. You can also lay it on its back. Then look for the screws holding the front trim and panel. To unfasten the panel, loosen the screws and other parts that could be holding the panel in place. Make sure to put them somewhere that you can easily find them, perhaps on a piece of tape or in a jar.

Step 3 - Clean the Panel Components

This would be a good opportunity to clean the parts behind the panel. In fact, cleaning the entire trash compactor this time is better. It may take sometime for this to happen again. Cleaning your appliances actually helps prolong their use, so use the installation opportunity to add some longevity to your trash compactor. 

Step 4 - Install the New Panel

Align the front panel along with the other parts that’s meant to hold the panel. Attach the screws back in, making sure everything is tight and secure. Fasten the trash compactor back to the counter and plug it to the power source.