How to Check a Washing Machine Filter Screen

What You'll Need
pair of pliers

Checking a washing machine filter screen is not difficult. Even if you have not serviced a washing machine before, you can do this task. To get started, here is what you should do:

Step 1 - Check the Water Inlet Valve

Check out the water inlet valve located at the back of your washing machine. In each end of the hoses that supply water to your washer and on the inlet valve itself, you can find filter screens that catch debris. If the screens are clogged, water will not flow efficiently into your washing machine.

 Step 2 - Clean the Water Supply Hose

If your water supply hose is clogged, remove the hose from your washing machine. Place one end of the water supply hose on a faucet and turn on the tap. The pressure of water from the tap should flush out the debris inside your water supply hose.

Step 3 - Clean the Filter Screen

After cleaning off your water supply hose, check the screen on the water inlet valve for debris build-up. Most washing machines do not have a removable screen on the water inlet valve, so take extra care when cleaning off debris build-up from the filter screen to avoid damaging it. After cleaning off the debris from your washing machine filter screen, re-attach the water supply hose to your washer.