How to Check for Structural Damage to Interior Door Frames

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Structural damage can happen to interior door frames for a number of reasons but the result is always the same; a weakened structure. The most frequent reason is wood rot. In fact, structural damage and wood rot are interrelated.

Inspecting the Frame for Wood Rot

To assess how much damage was done to your interior door frame, press the wood with a screwdriver or your thumb to be able to know the “give” or softness of the wood. This will give you an idea of the extent of the damage.

Checking for Other Causes

Structural Damage can also be caused by insects that bore and live inside the wood. You can check this by checking on the surface of the door frame for small holes that were made by the insects entering the wood. Again you can check for damages by pressing the wood with your thumb or screwdriver. Alternately, you can tap on the wood using a hammer for hollowness.

Marking the Damage

To mark the areas in your wood frame that were damaged, draw a line with the pencil which should be around 2 inches higher than the damaged areas. This will allow you to determine whether to replace a portion of your interior wood frame or change the whole frame altogether.