How to Check For Wet Rot in RV Refrigerators How to Check For Wet Rot in RV Refrigerators

What You'll Need
Rubber Gloves
Boiling Water
Lemon Juice

Wet rot is not a problem that you want to get, especially in your RV refrigerator. To ensure that your fridge checks out, you will want to maintain and regularly inspect it. Here are a few steps that can help you determine whether or not your fridge has wet rot.

Step 1 – Clear It Out

It is important to clean everything out of the fridge to make sure that you get a good look. Move your food items out of the way, onto a counter, while you check out the situation.

Step 2 – Check for Signs

There are several signs that you will need to check for when inspecting your fridge. If there is a smell at all, it is a good sign that rot is beginning to or has formed. Condensation, cracking of the plastic and discoloration are all things to look out for. Be sure to check in all of the spots that aren’t as readily visible as well. Vegetable drawers are a common place for wet rot as liquids can pour in and do not have a way of getting out.

Step 3 – Clean Fridge

Boil hot water and add vinegar and lemon to it. Use rubber gloves and a sponge to scrub the fridge. This will help to clean out the space as well as get rid of any odor that has formed. 

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