How to Check Golf Cart Batteries

What You'll Need
pair of eye goggles
clean cloth
battery post and terminal clamp cleaner
bucket of water
baking soda
pair of thick gloves
container of petroleum jelly
distilled water
commercial clamp cleaner
protective Articles of Clothing

Checking the battery of your golf cart may seen like a complicated task, but with a good set of instructions and the proper set of tools, you'll find that it can actually be quite simple. If you've ever wondered how to go about checking your golf cart battery, simply read on.

Step 1 - Protect Yourself

Before you can check your golf cart battery, you must first take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Put on your eye goggles, thick gloves and protective clothes before proceeding any further. Although this step may strike you as being overly cautious, you can never be too careful when doing a job that involves battery acid. If you encounter any problems, you'll be glad you took these precautions.

Step 2 - Thoroughly Examine the Golf Cart Battery's Surface

Now that you've donned all your protective gear, give the surface of your battery a detailed looking-over. If you notice any cracks in the battery you will have to replace it. Additionally, if any of the battery's connections or posts have accumulated any fluids or dirt or have started to erode, you will have no choice but to replace the battery. Once you have confirmed that your battery's surface is in prime condition, use your wrench to make sure that the vent caps are properly screwed in.

Step 3 - Mix Your Cleaning Solution

Having confirmed that your vents caps are screwed firmly in place, use your distilled water and baking soda to mix up a cleaning solution. Make sure the mixture has a ratio of one-to-eight ounces of water to one tablespoon of baking soda. With the aid of a clean cloth, gently wipe down your battery's surface with this solution. Once the battery's surface has been sufficiently cleaned, rinse it off with water, and then dry it with a towel.

Step 4 - Clean Your Battery's Clamps and Terminals

Once the surface of the battery has been fully dried off, disconnect all of the cable clamps. Now that the clamps have been disconnected, use your battery post and terminal clamp cleaner to clean out the battery terminals, as well as the insides of the clamps. These cleaners are extremely effective and can usually be purchased for under four dollars.

Step 5 - Check Your Battery

Now that your battery's clamps and terminals have been vigorously cleaned, it is safe to reconnect the clamps to the corresponding battery terminals. Next, spread a thin coat of petroleum jelly over the clamps. Then use your voltmeter to check the battery.

And there you have it. Using these five easy-to-follow steps, checking a golf cart battery can be a fairly simple task. Just remember to exercise caution.