How to Check If a Joist Hanger is Secure How to Check If a Joist Hanger is Secure

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Framing nails

As long as a joist hanger was properly installed, security shouldn't be an issue. If you are concerned, however, there are several things you can inspect and check.

Step 1 - Check Number and Distance

Joist hangers are used to help keep strength and integrity to the area. If the joists are simply nailed to a beam, they can warp and degrade over time. Joist hangers help prevent this. However, they are only effective when they are properly placed. Find the center of the joist and mark this. From here, measure out every 16 inches and make another mark. You should have joist hangers at every mark.

Step 2 - Replace Screws

Most framers will use framing nails to secure joist hangers. You may run in to some that have been installed with screws instead. These are not sturdy, and may fail. To ensure security you should replace these using framing nails instead.

Step 3 - Look for Obvious Damage

If you see joists that are obviously damaged, you know you have a problem. Look for signs of warping, shrinking, splintering, etc. These hangers should be replaced to keep them secure.



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