How to Check if Your Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Line Is Clogged

What You'll Need
Small Wrench

There are times when the air conditioning drain line is not getting rid of the water as it should. There will be unsightly puddles of water in the pan of the AC unit, along the walls, and even within plenum. In many cases, standing water is a simple matter of the drain line being clogged. Here is how you can check yours to see if the drain line is clogged. 

Step 1: Determine Location of Drain Line Hose

Some central AC units have drain lines that run from an attic, through a wall, and into a sink drain or some other type of drainage. In order to find out if your air conditioner is clogged you need to find the drain line. 

Step 2: Remove Line from AC

At the condensation point of the AC you will find the small hose coming out of the unit. Use the screwdriver to loosen up the clamp that holds the hose in position. Remove the hose and see if any water comes out of the AC or backs out of the tube. If there is water coming out of the unit, it is draining well. If the water comes out of the drain line, then there is a clog. 

Step 3: Remove Line from Drain

Once you have found the drain line, follow it through to the drain. Remove the line and check to see if any water is coming out. If not, the clog is within the line.