How to Check if Your Wood File Cabinets are Made of Solid Wood or Particle Board

Wood file cabinets can make attractive, sturdy file cabinets. However, what appears to be solid wood at first glance could actually be particle board, which is far less sturdy.

Materials Needed:

  • File cabinet instructions and included parts

Step 1 - Check the Box and/or Instructions

"Solid wood" can actually sometimes refer to particle board when it comes to wood file cabinets. You'll want to make sure the type of wood is listed on the box or instructions. When the manufacturer says the cabinets are made from woods such as solid cherry, pine or oak, you won't have particleboard.

Step 2 - Check the Included Parts

Particle board wood file cabinets are usually put together using cam locks because the lighter material doesn't require as sturdy screws as typical solid wood. A high-quality solid wood cabinet should be held together with clamps and glue screws, which will be necessary to keep the heavier wood in place.

Step 3 - Think About the Price

While not an exact science, you can typically tell whether or not your wood file cabinets use particle board by the price. Particle board is cheaper and that will be reflected in the price of the cabinets. Unless you buy your solid wood cabinets on sale, you should expect to pay more.