How to Check RV Exhaust for Excessive Condensation

What You'll Need
RV jack
RV manual
Flash light
Protective eye wear

It is important to regularly check your RV exhaust system for condensation to keep it working properly. If you think that you may have a problem with your RV exhaust, or if you are just due for regular maintenance, you can follow the simple steps below to perform a check yourself.

Step 1 - Jack up RV

Before you begin, consult your manual to familiarize yourself with the main parts. Turn off the RV and give it several minutes to cool off before working. Then, use an RV jack to lift it up by the frame.

Step 2 - Check Pipes

Find the tall pipe, and inspect it for condensation. A key sign that there has been excessive condensation in your exhaust system is corrosion and staining.

Step 3 - Check the Resonator

The resonator is a large cylinder-shaped pipe that helps to quiet down your exhaust system. Check the entire pipe for signs of condensation or staining.

Step 4 - Check Manifold

Focus on the area where the manifold and the head meet. Inspect this space for staining, condensation and corrosion. While near the manifold, you can also check for the same since in the Y section that has 2 pipes.