How to Check the Air conditioning Thermostat Leads for Voltage How to Check the Air conditioning Thermostat Leads for Voltage

What You'll Need
Voltage Meter

Common causes of air conditioning system issues can be related to the air conditioning thermostat. Often a thermostat may not be fully powered, which in turn causes your air conditioning unit not to function properly. You can test your thermostat to ensure it is being powered properly with adequate voltage.

Step 1 – Voltage Meter

The safest and easiest way to test the voltage of the thermostat is to use a non-touch voltage tester. This is a voltage tester that uses a pen-like device that does not require you to strip or directly access the power wires in order to test.

Step 2 – Access Power Wire

The first step is to ensure you have access to the power wires of the voltage meter. You may have to remove the cover of the thermostat to access these wires.

Step 3 – Test the Power

Using the pen-like connection of the voltage meter, simply touch the end of the pen device directly to the power wire of the thermostat. Most voltage meters will light up the end of the pen device if there is power present. Other devices will create a beeping noise if voltage is detected. Read the instructions on your voltage meter to determine the correct indication of power.

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