How to Check Used Oriental Rugs Before Buying How to Check Used Oriental Rugs Before Buying

Used Oriental rugs can offer the beauty and elegance of these distinguished pieces without the high price tag. Use these tips to determine the quality of the used rug you are considering.


Some experts will tell you that the measure of value in an Oriental rug can be determined by the number of knots. Count the knots along the 1 inch of the rug's length and 1 inch of the rug's width and multiple them. A high knot density per square inch usually means a better value.


When looking at a used rug, make sure to thoroughly inspect all surfaces and edges. Check both the top of the rug and the back. Look for cracks in the fibers, pulls and the overall quality of the underside. A cheap used rug may be falling apart, and without checking underneath, you may not see this until it's too late.


Carefully examine any fringe along the edges. Fringe can be easily damaged, and it’s not uncommon to find a rug that has had the fringe replaced. You should be able to see the threading if the fringe has been attached by a machine. On a handmade rug, there should be no threading or seams at all. On a machine-made rug, the fringe should have the same colors as the body of the rug, and the threading should show the same wear as the rest of it.

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