How to Check Vacuum on Swimming Pool Pumps

What You'll Need
Swimming pool pump hose
Swimming pool gasket
Garden hose
Plumbing snake

Swimming pool pumps are mainly used for cleaning purposes. Swimming pools get dirty with deposition of algae, bacteria and dirt on its floor where the cleaning vacuum tube should be able to access the full floor area to clean it off. A functional vacuum pump in swimming pools is thus an absolute necessity. Here is a simple guide to checking the vacuum on the swimming pool pumps. You can undertake the entire project on your own without the need to hire any professional.

Step 1: Check the Hose’s Sucking End

Get into the swimming pool and pick up the hose with its mouth under the water. Try pressing your palm to check for suction. This will tell you if there is a vacuum. If you do not find a suction force, it only means that the pump is not pulling in anything at the mouth. Hence, it is not working. Try to keep the hose mouth facing the sky during this step.

Step 2: Check the Hose Body and Gasket

Check the hose body for pores. Pores will mean that the suction is only being weakened. Holes in the hose body worsen quickly and leave the pump system dysfunctional. Inspecting the hose tube requires patience and a keen eye. While performing this step keep it out of the water and under bright sunlight.

Once you reach the end of the hose, find the gasket on the swimming pool wall and carefully look for gaps. This can happen due to corrosion, especially as the setup gets older.

Step 3: Replace the Damaged Items

Before you choose a substitute for the present vacuum pump equipment, remember to switch off the pump. In the off state, remember to check the condition of the brushes visually. They should be of adequate length if new, but get shorter and darker as they grow old. Old brushes can often be a cause of ineffective vacuuming.

Use a garden hose to substitute and check if the pump machine is working fine. Also, check the whole system with a new gasket.

Step 4: Installing the Replacement Hose

In order to have a conclusion about the problem, you need to confirm that everything outside the motor and machinery is okay, before moving to the internal machine parts. Opening the screws and checking the machine can be done once the outer parts are found in proper conditions. In order to confirm that the garden hose and gasket are working, try to find out if the water from the pool is gushing into the hose. If it does not, try straightening the inside with a plumbing snake, and check again.

If the swimming pool gets dried up during the checking procedure, it means that the vacuum is at least working. However, while flushing the pool back, control the pressure and get away from the water if need be.