How to Check Your Car Heating System for the Winter

Checking your car heating system before winter is a vital step in being prepared for those long cold months of ice and snow. There is nothing worse than being stranded with a problem that could have been prevented.

Step 1-Check the Antifreeze

If you have a new car or one that is less than two years old, you can skip this step. Most new cars arrive with antifreeze that is good for at least two years. Some cars are equipped for longer, and you can check with your dealer about this.

Use a tool called a hydrometer to check the antifreeze levels in your radiator. This tool is inexpensive and can be purchased at any automotive store. You want the amount to take you to the coldest days in your area. Also, check that the antifreeze isn't dirty as then an entire system flush and fill is needed to prevent damage to your engine.

Step 2-Check the Engine

The heating system depends upon hoses and belts to run the various mechanics and to move liquids and steam around the engine. Be sure all hoses are in good shape with no holes or bulges. Be sure all belts are smooth and tight with no cracking or worn areas.