How to Chisel Driveway Concrete Pavers How to Chisel Driveway Concrete Pavers

What You'll Need
Wet Saws
Hand-Held Saw/Table Saw
Diamond Tipped/Abrasive Blades
Tile, Brick or Concrete Saw
Safety Glasses
Face Mask
Goggles/Safety glasses

Driveway concrete pavers are a creative and functional tool/means of decoration which gives your house a personalized feeling and it blends in with almost any location. Moreover, some of the biggest advantages are its durability in terms of climatic harshness, distinctive designs and a wide variety in shape, pattern, size, texture and color. For these reasons concrete is preferred over stone, bricks and other alternatives for the construction of driveways and other outdoor decorations.

Below are the tools and equipments you shall require and the steps using which you can chisel driveway concrete pavers.

Step 1: Use the Right Tools

Driveway concrete pavers usually require cutting or being chiseled so as to fit a particular dimension and while wet saws can be used effectively, the traditional way of cutting is preferable. That is because of the grand mess that wet saws make in terms of dirt due to which a hammer and chisel are the most appropriate tools available. In example, outline the line you need to cut and place the chisel on the line. Bring the hammer down with force and after two or three times the paver should split up. However, a hand-held saw or a table saw can also be used if the cuts you need aren’t required in a specific angle.

Step 2: Choose the Right Blade

For this project to go through effectively it is detrimental that you choose and use the right form of blade out of the wide variety available. Primarily, diamond tipped blades and abrasive blades are used for cutting concrete as they are durable in terms of their life span, reliable and sharp in precision.

Step 3: Tile, Brick or Concrete Saw

Apart from the tools mentioned in Step 1 a specially designed set of equipment is a tile, brick or concrete saw which can be rented locally. It requires water to make the appropriate cut with the minimal amount of dust production. Hence, you can begin to cut only after the water storage in the equipment has been filled and the guides have been corresponded with the width you desire. After this all you need to do is grasp the concrete paver firmly alongside the guide on one part and pour a little water over the surface of the concrete. Turn the saw on and push the paver linearly and slowly through the blade so as to achieve a perfectly accurate and sharp cut.

Step 4: Safety Precautions

Tools and equipments used in this project require safety measures and precautions so that you do not encounter any possible physical damage or injury. Safety tools like safety glasses, gloves, goggles/safety glasses and face mask are mandatory to protect your skin and save you from inhaling dust and dirt.



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