How to Choose a Drafting Table

A drafting table is something that every sketch artist, drafter and architect should have as part of their tools and work surfaces. A drafting table is really just a work table with an adjustable top. It gives the person using it the ability to change how high or how low the top is in relation to where they are and how they intend to work. Drafting tables come with all sorts of different bells and whistles. You can purchase a drafting table that has lights, storage solutions and clear glass work areas. They also can come with motorized parts and glass tops. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your drafting table for your business, or your hobby.

Step 1 - Determine Where You Will Work

First, lets take a look at your business practices. Are you a drafter that will work from one area? Or will you need to move from one location to the other to perform some of your work? This is one of the first things you need to decide when you look to purchase a drafting table because there are those that will allow you the ability to fold them up and take them with you and there are tables that are much larger, heavier and not as easy to move. Pick a portable drafting table if you plan on being mobile.

Step 2 - Determine Lighting Needs

If your room has poor sources for light, you may want to purchase a table that has an overhead light built in, or you may want to look into purchasing a table that has a light box underneath the table top. The light box will shine through your paper and give you a different perspective on the designs you create.

Step 3 - Will You Sit or Stand?

Another important element to review regarding your needs when using a drafting table is whether you will sit, or stand. If you plan on sitting for the bulk of your design work, then you are probably fine with purchasing a table that only has one height. If you like to stand and walk around and design at higher heights, you may wish to purchase a drafting table with a split top.

Step 4 - What Storage Needs Do You Have?

If you are need more storage space, then you must purchase something that has a few drawers and shelves so you can store some of your drafting supplies and tools.

Step 5 - Budget Needs?

What type of budget are you working within? If you have not laid out how much money you are comfortable with spending, then you need to do that now. There are drafting tables that can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars and there are other drafting tables that have motorized and electronic parts that are available for several thousand dollars. The budget for your drafting table purchase needs to be at the top of your list of considerations when you are out shopping and researching your options.