How to Choose a Framing Nailer

A framing nailer is a workhorse of a power tool that can tackle almost any heavy duty home improvement project that requires a heavy amount of nailing.

Decide on Application
The framing nailer is one of the strongest air power tools used on construction projects. Typical applications for this tool include roofing, siding, framing, decks, subflooring, crate and box assembly, pallet assembly and anything that requires a great deal of heavy duty nailing.

If the typical project you will be working on does not require a heavy duty nailing tool, then you will probably find that a finish nailer or brad nailer will work better for your needs.

Air Compressor
A framing nailer is an air compressor pneumatic driven power tool. As a result, you will need to also purchase an air compressor for the nailer. Small capacity air compressors may work with a framing nailer, but will probably wear out and need to be replaced quickly. An air compressor with a minimum 25 gallon capacity tank is usually required for a strong framing nailer.

Nail Types
One of the features to look for is the flexibility for a framing nailer to accept a variety of different types and sizes of nails.