How to Choose a Table Saw Fence How to Choose a Table Saw Fence

A table saw fence is a great tool when you need to make accurate cuts, even more so if you are making a lot of the same cut. It acts as a guide for the wood. It keeps the wood in place so you can get the right cut, at the right measurement, all of the time. Consider the following factors when you choose which table saw fence you want.


The quality of your table saw fence should be one of the first things you look for when you shop. Consider multiple sources of information: Try to see the fence in action. Look for product reviews. Ask around; other table saw users will tell you the truth. Find out what type of material the fence is made of because quality material is the first step to a quality product.


You can find table saw fences in many different sizes, anywhere from 26 inches to around 122 inches. If you are just using the table saw fence for projects around the home, you most likely will not need a large fence. You will be able to get away with a 30-inch fence for most of your projects. If you think that you might need a bit larger than that, go with a 50-inch fence, which will leave you plenty of room for almost any project you can think of. The larger fences are for more commercial applications.


You will also want to choose a table saw fence that allows you to make both large and small adjustments. You may not use the small 1/16 of an inch adjustment regularly. You will find, however, that the one time you need the accuracy, you are grateful you purchased the fence with the means to adjust so precisely.

Ease of Installation

When you are searching for a table saw fence, do not forget about installing it. Finding a fence that works well with your model of table saw will go far with installation. It is always better if you can find a fence that you do not need to adjust in order to install. Installation adjustments will make the fence weaker and may mess with the accuracy of the fence as well.


A table saw fence is a great addition to any table saw. You will find that it makes many cuts easier to perform. Expense is a big factor in some woodworkers not getting a table saw fence. If you cannot afford a new one, try secondhand stores. Or search online for used models. You will want to keep in mind the same qualities as when you search for a new table saw fence.

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